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Up, close and personal with pro-Indian arm wrestler from Jorhat, Assam.

September 23, 2019
Up, close and personal with pro-Indian arm wrestler from Jorhat, Assam.

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In conversation with Deepankar Mech aka Ding Dong! Don’t miss the rapid-fire interview with this firebrand athlete!

Personal Bio

Age28 Years
Zodiac SignLibra
HometownJorhat, Assam
Mother’s NameBinita Mech
Father’s NameSatish Mech
Height5′ 11″


3-time Junior Gold medalist, 3-time Senior Silver medalist and 3-time Gold medalist at State level. 2-time Junior Gold medalist, 1-time Senior Silver medalist, 2-time Senior Gold medalist, Junior overall champion, 2015 at National level. Currently, Senior Men’s 65 kg category Gold Medalist and Bulldog-URPA Guwahati Silver Medalist. 

Introducing Deepankar Mech

Hailing from the picturesque city of Jorhat, Assam, Deepankar is one of the most experienced arm wrestlers in India. He is young, dynamic, super-fit, ambitious, reliable, bold and absolutely likable! 

Deepankar is the son of a retired army soldier, who was the sole breadwinner of the family. So after his graduation, Deepankar had to pull up his socks and provide for his family at a young age. Although he faces financial struggles regularly, Deepankar does not allow his dreams to die. His goal is to be a renowned international arm wrestler and support his family financially. “My parents have always fulfilled my demands during every stage of my life, and now I feel that it is time for me to support my parents. Right now we are struggling financially, but I am optimistic that this too shall pass”, says Deepankar, with a determined, steely look, that is rare for a 28-year old. 

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Deepankar Mech at India’s first world arm wrestling ranking series held in March, 2019 at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Event: Bulldog-URPA World Ranking Series

Arm wrestling- a way of life

When asked about his earliest memory of arm wrestling, he says, ”Arm wrestling is a popular sport in Assam and as a child, I used to watch people arm wrestle. My friends and I used to arm wrestle in the school classroom, on the teacher’s table! Although it looks quite simple, arm wrestling is actually a sport full of techniques, comprising of strange exercises that require pure raw strength. Unfortunately, given the huge popularity and accessibility of this game, it is not yet supported by the Indian sports ministry.” 

Challenges are not obstacles

I faced a lot of hardships and setbacks in my life. But being an introvert, I never shared it with any of my close friends or family. I held my ground, faced it myself and overcame it. Every time there was a challenge in my life, I would train harder and stronger. I think I was trying to numb my pain with my workouts. Yes, I have made wrong choices in my life and trusted the wrong people, but I believe these are not “mistakes”, because these choices have made me who I am today. I have learned hard life lessons from my difficulties and I hope that I can mentor and help younger people when they are struggling.”

Future of arm wrestling in India

“Arm wrestling in India was in a sorry state a couple of years ago. Pullers were moving to bodybuilding and gym training to make ends meet. But now with Bulldog Armwrestling promoting the sport, a career in arm wrestling has become a reality. Ever since Bulldog partnered with PAL, several of my friends have attended international ranking events and earned prize money. This is something that has never happened before! I myself hope to represent India at the 2019 World Armwrestling Championship and Zloty Tur, in December at Rumia, Poland.

I also believe that the newly formed Board of Control for Armwrestling in India, will promote arm wrestling in the grass root levels. BCAI is the future of arm wrestling in India! 

Deepankar Mech, 28 (Jorhat Assam, India)

Advice to young and upcoming arm wrestlers of India:

“Remove the word “FAILURE” from your vocabulary. If you persevere, if you keep trying, you can never fail. Arm wrestling is not just a game which is played in college canteens. It’s time to get professional! Train hard and get yourself well prepared to participate. Otherwise you may end up losing your hand!”

Bulldog Armwrestling wishes Deepankar Mech the best of success for all his future endeavours! #NoGutsNoGlory

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