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A Historic Partnership: PAL & Bulldog to Revolutionise Arm Wrestling in India

February 8, 2019
A Historic Partnership: PAL & Bulldog to Revolutionise Arm Wrestling in India

PAL Joins Bulldog to Host India’s First World Arm Wrestling Ranking Series!


A New Dawn for Indian Arm Wrestling

Did you know that arm wrestling has been an organised sport in India for the last 43 years? We bet you didn’t! However, India has never hosted a world ranking event with a unified ranking system for Indian athletes to prove their mettle.

What most people do not know is that professional arm wrestlers go through the same amount of turmoil and rigorous training, like athletes of more popular sports, to be able to compete in International competitions. Unfortunately, majority of the Indian arm wrestlers have to face a lot of hardships due to insufficient finances, which barely covers their cost of living; which in turn affects their fitness and performance levels.

According to Ronnie Sehgal, CEO of Bulldog Armwrestling, ‘’There is no dearth of talented arm wrestlers in India. I have personally come across some of the most dedicated arm wrestlers in the country who have devoted their life to the sport. These athletes deserve the right recognition and support, which they have been deprived of, for a very long time. That is about to change very soon. Bulldog Armwrestling will revolutionise the sport in India by providing a platform for these athletes to showcase their skills, along with providing a lifetime career opportunity. My vision is to see Indian arm wrestlers competing in world renowned competitions like the Zloty Tur and PAL Top 8, to name a few.’’

According to Igor Mazurenko, PAL President, “I have always believed that India has a great potential for professional arm wrestling. Now with Bulldog Armwrestling, we will strive to build an infrastructure that will enable more than 1, 00, 000 Indian arm wrestlers to take part in the global rating events. This new partnership will greatly benefit the Indian arm wrestlers, as the global URPA ranking will help them to gain international recognition in more than 100 countries. With the implementation of PAL’s knowledge and expertise, we foresee an influx of funds for further development of arm wrestling in India. This will directly increase the level of organising competitions, especially with regards to the amount of cash prizes for the participants.”


India’s Top Arm Wrestlers pin their hopes on PAL & Bulldog Armwrestling Partnership:

“PAL is one of the best arm wrestling leagues in the world & Bulldog Sportz is one of the most respected sports management companies in India- so this partnership is truly history in the making. I have been involved with arm wrestling more than 20 years and with this partnership I get a chance to be part of international professional leagues. This will certainly raise the popularity and level of arm wrestling in India. I am grateful to Bulldog Armwrestling for providing us the chance to be part of this historic move”.
-Sameer VT
(11-Time National Gold medalist, 2-Time National Silver medalist, 3-Time Qatar Champion)

“Bulldog Armwrestling has made history by tying up with PAL. A bold move indeed! This it truly a game changer for us arm wrestlers. We have been facing a lot of difficulty in pursuing the sport as a career which won’t be an issue anymore due to this tie-up. I hereby thank Bulldog Armwrestling for giving us this opportunity”.      
-Debajit Sarma
(11-Time consecutive National Gold medalist, 6-Time National Champion of Champions)

“I have been dedicated to arm wrestling for more than 20 years, and this is exactly what was needed to propel the arm wrestling scenario in India. For the first time in 43 years, India will finally have a systematic arm wrestling development program in place. Young Indian arm wrestlers will finally have the opportunity to build a lifetime career in this sport that was neglected in India for so long. Bulldog Armwrestling & PAL has of all our support to take arm wrestling to another level in India.”
-Rajinder Mahendi Kumar
(17-Time National Gold medalist, 13-time Mr. Punjab, 6-Time Mr. North-India, 3-Time Mr. India, 3 Indo-Pak Gold medals)

Exciting Times Ahead for Indian Arm Wrestlers!

How will this improve the current arm wrestling scenario in India?

  • This ranking event will raise the bar for arm wrestling in India.
  • Opportunity for Indian arm wrestlers to get ranked with accordance to the URPA Ranking system. (Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling)
  • Get to participate in arm wrestling events across the world.
  • Gain important insights into the world of arm wrestling from PAL President, Igor Mazurenko.
  • Establishment of a systematic referee system in the country.
  • Arm wrestling in India, is in need of authenticity. Events like this will help the sport to become more organized and less biased.
  • Discovering new talent along with more sponsorship opportunities for the players once they are ranked.
  • Athletes will be motivated and dedicated to pursue arm wrestling as a lifetime career
  • World class training opportunities for athletes and referees.


Bulldog Armwrestling

Established in 2018 with its headquarters in Bengaluru, Bulldog Armwrestling is committed to the promotion of arm wrestling India, with a laser focus on athlete development.  

  • Amateur and professional competitions
  • Promoting professional arm wrestling
  • Brand and athlete partnerships
  • Athlete management of arm wrestlers

Professional Armwrestling League (PAL)

Founded in 2001, PAL is an organisation aimed to develop armwrestling as a sport discipline worldwide. In 2018, PAL opened its doors to independent organisers and athletes, by launching the global Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling (URPA). All sportsmen who want to develop their professional career in arm wrestling can register in the ranking.

Core activities:

  • National and International arm wrestling events management.
  • Organisational and financial support of arm wrestling teams and clubs.
  • Athletes training and education.
  • Arm wrestling coaches and referees education and certification.
  • Fundraising and charity for the disabled and veterans arm wrestling communities.
  • Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling (URPA) management.
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